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What is Sonqo Wasi?

We are an international non-profit foundation dedicated to raising new generations in the name of joy, peace and freedom.

We pursue our goal through initiatives that put young people (and adults) in touch with Mother Earth so that they are capable of being mediators of change for sustainable development.

We try to:

  • Awaken consciences to advance towards sustainable development
  • Promote Nature as a teacher of life in values and education
  • Empower young people as agents of change

Here are some pictures of Sonqo Wasi's children

and why should you approach him?

You are reading these lines now and we both know that nothing happens by chance. If you are here. THERE IS A REASON. And you know it.

So. Let me tell you that the time has come to give voice to the MYSTICS Tribe that has remained silent for too many years; as well as having been ridiculed and misunderstood by the fear and passive ignorance of the masses.

I believe in the infinite unexpressed potential of human beings to find solutions where most people get bogged down in problems.

We challenge the pre-established order of things by creating well-designed learning paths that are simple to understand and easy to apply so that people can experience ever more freedom, joy and harmony in their lives.

Luka Luna is the spiritual name I received during a shamanic journey.

I'm fond of it.

I use it because it has a powerful vibration and has deep meaning to me.

I am responsible for divulging a millenary mystical knowledge, applicable to modern life.

My purpose is to awaken human consciousness to promote joy, freedom and global harmony through individual transformation.

They say I'm a philosopher, a rebel genius, a visionary, a researcher, a traveler, a thinker, a mystic, a different, an artist, a writer, a speaker...


Beyond the labels that CANNOT define a human being, the practical truth is this…

We established SONQO WASI - an international foundation that aims to preserve Mother Earth, help children and adults (who have not had many opportunities in life) and spread knowledge that seems to have been shattered in the lives of many.

I have always traveled the world. I'm curious. I love to know. Study. Improve. To experiment. To apply.

I made my first solo trip at the age of 15.

I have spent the last 22 years training with Shamans. Scientists. Guru. Masters. And international trainers. In India. In Amazonia. In Africa. And in many other countries.

That's why I decided to create training courses to spread knowledge (ignored by the masses) that I have collected around the world from the minds of very brilliant men and women.

The advantage for those who rely on our teachings is to have a system based on millenary foundations applicable to modern life.

The moment you grab one of our products or services, you're giving us a big hand in helping people who haven't had many opportunities in life.

For this I am grateful to you and I wish you to multiply by a hundred everything that you will heartily decide to offer us.

What do they say about Luka Luna?

Every day I am "immersed" in thousands of amazing testimonials.

It's a blessing that confirms that we are heading in the right direction.

It fills my heart to know that so many people are optimizing their lives thanks to the millennial knowledge that I am making available to people living in the modern age today.

Here are some messages I received. If you are curious and want to read other testimonials, you can find them here.

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