The Answer

The Answer

The ANSWER is within YOU

The ANSWER is within YOU

The ritual where I help you find THE ANSWER in every aspect of your life (money, health, relationships, happiness)

The ritual where I help you find THE ANSWER in every aspect of your life (money, health, relationships, happiness)


Only YOU hold THE solution to ALL the problems life throws at you, are you ready to listen to it?

Only YOU hold THE solution to ALL the problems life throws at you, are you ready to listen to it?

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Here's how I can help you

Here's how I can help you

People always ask me how I can help them get better from a physical, mental and emotional point of view.

There are new people everyday out there who promise you "magic pills" for any problem in your life.

Do you have a health problem? Here they give you the miracle solution

Do you have a relationship problem? Here is the prodigious formula

Do you have a problem with your parents or your children? Here they bring out the magic wand

Do you have a money or work problem? Here they show you the amazing potion

Are you confused? Depressed? Not sure which direction to take in your life? Here they rub the lamp and promise you to bring out the genie who will fix everything.


Medicine has told a lot of LIES.

The government has told a lot of LIES.

And many religious leaders have told a lot of LIES.

Good. If you have been in the world for more than ten years, it is very likely that you too have been DISAPPOINTED by the promises of smoke sellers, politicians, doctors and other criminals.

And the malaise into which the world has fallen is evident, even in the eyes of a mole.

Depression is on the rise. Stress is on the rise. Heart disease is on the rise. Suicide rates are on the rise. Obesity is on the rise. And so on.


The truth is this.

"Nobody scratches your back as good as you can." This quote from my great-grandmother (Gina) means that others can alleviate your problems (but they don't solve them at the root).

Indeed. Only YOU hold THE solution to ALL the puzzles life throws at you.

In light of this reality. Which the crime industry out there doesn't want you to know (because they want to keep you in their employ with drugs and other bogus solutions). I can only do one thing for you.

I CAN HELP you meet YOUR MASTER (and the answers that grip you).

YOUR GURU is your Soul. Your heart. Your Higher Self. Your true nature.

Give it whatever name you prefer based on your spiritual beliefs, however, I'm sure you understand what I mean.

I can show you the way.

I know how to do it.

I have helped many people before you.

And I know. With absolute certainty (following a long experience that began in the nineties). That I can help you too.

I will do nothing to solve your problems. I do not claim this right. Like everyone out there does.

However. I will point you. Indisputably. The path to reach those who hold the answers to the difficulties you are currently encountering in your life.

I guarantee you.

Listen to the words of those who have already participated in The Answer

Listen to the words of those who have already participated in The Answer

  • I wanted to show my gratitude to Elisa and Luka, with whom I had the chance to do an Ayahuasca ceremony last week. I would like to share some of my experience. It was really a very interesting and enjoyable ceremony. Even the place and environment that was chosen made me feel safe. I really appreciate their dedication. The fact that they were really careful to really take my experience to heart. They went out of their way to make me really comfortable. I really felt like I was in my cocoon. Elisa had this maternal attitude. She checked that everything was fine. The music that Elisa sang was really beautiful and it was really an integral part. In my journey with the plant, there was a synchronicity while I was working on my relationships with the family. And once I worked with those relationships, I wondered if there was anything else I needed to do. And in that moment Elisa sang the mantra of OPONO OPONO where she repeats: sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you. And so after connecting with the plant, I was able to visualize myself asking for forgiveness from all members of my family. And that was really an integral part of the ceremony. It is just one example. Of course everyone has their own experience with the plant. It depends on the intention you put into it. My intention was to work in relation to my family. To the relationship I have with my family members. And I’ve had so many great messages.
    Laetitia Jacquot
  • A true guide stops teaching. A true guide stops telling you what to do, how to do. Because a true guide, he silently shows you the way. Whisper. Slowly. Then the choice is up to us. If you take that path there. The famous rediscovery towards ourselves. The scariest thing I think can be done. Because it is something we are constantly looking for. And that at the same time we constantly refuse. Elisa and Luka have become these for me. Guides. And simply, they welcome, accompany, through the powerful tools that nature gives us. I was surrounded by greenery 9 days. It was an intense journey. A little scary. A little joyful. Happy. Today I laugh, because I have had very intense experiences that have reconnected me to my heart. And after such an experience, I see things differently. My perception of reality has changed. And this is the key to everything! Being able to see things from a different perspective. We, on the other hand, are always chained behind the usual perspective that makes us suffer. And so I thank Elisa and Luka. I thank this path. I thank this experience with the Sacred Plants. Making these powerful ceremonials that can only be explained by experience. So I can say, trust me. Trust Elisa and Luka. Trust them. It’s worth it, really. A kiss.
    Silvia Dal Lago
  • Hi Elisa and Luka! This review is to say thank you for the trip you made me do. It is one of the greatest emotions. I have been able to experience in my life. I wanted to thank you and all the guys who have always been close to me at any time. I came here with little knowledge. But I had a lot of faith in the power of plants. I knew how much they really could help people. I came without a goal. But I felt, also through the signals, that then in the end I connected the dots, that it was the right time to do this thing. And I especially liked the first night so much. Because there was a labor. Full of emotions, both positive and negative. A lot of responses have arrived. And then a lot of images arrived that then created the mosaic for me. In these 2 days that I have been here, I know that it would be right to make many other people feel this emotion. These are experiences that people should live in order to really feel good and live the life that everyone wants. Thanks to all the group that went on to create, that’s great! Have a nice trip!
    Giacomo Turnone
  • It was a wonderful experience that I think everyone should try at least once in their life. Many emotions and many sensations. These are not things that happen every day. So many emotions, especially the breath ceremony that really touched me. I felt more physical sensations. It helped me a lot to relax and feel good. In fact now I’m fine. I experienced new sensations. I met beautiful people. In this beautiful environment. In the midst of nature, which I will certainly have to repeat more often because we are part of nature and therefore it is right to reconnect with it to get better and better. Thanks to Elisa and Luka and I thank them for their work because they have to carry all this around.
    Sandro Rossi
  • Hi everyone! These have been enlightening days for me. I came here brought by my partner and therefore I was not even so ready for what I was going to experience. I must say it was strong. For the emotions and sensations I can hardly do meditation or stop thinking and concentrate and I must say that this was the first time. On several occasions, I took a little journey inside myself and felt strong emotions. I recommend it to everybody. Because at this moment we need a lot, above all, to look inside and regain possession and knowledge of what our emotions and intentions are. I thank you all. I got a lot of love. I have met so many beautiful people. I thank Elisa and Luka for the mission they are carrying out and I wish them to reach as many people as possible because their intent is admirable. And their project that they are carrying out in Peru must also be supported with all our strength. I advise everyone to give your help too. Thank you!
    Elena Albertengo
  • Hi, I’m Wanda. I wanted to tell you about my experience with Master Plants. I wanted to tell you how I felt them on a physical level, because this aspect will be very important for someone. I felt very strongly the cleansing of the body. I threw up a pebble of size, like 2 centimeters by 1 centimeter. So I think the plants have also taken away some major discomfort in my body. I experienced the whole journey with plants as a beautiful adventure. Almost a game. A very strong experience. Very particular. Which I think everyone should try at least once in their life. Feel how the plant works. I am very grateful and honored to have met Elisa and Luka personally. I have met so many beautiful people. I am very grateful. They caressed my heart. The plant I think is still inside me. Feel how it works. I am happy to have made all this journey. Thank you.
    Wanda Blaszczak
  • We have almost come to an end with the experience made with the Sacred Plants with Elisa and Luka What can I say! I left without expectations. I didn’t know what I would find. At the end of this journey I take home a deep connection with myself and with nature. Really, an indescribable thing. Taking this path has changed me a lot. It will change me again, I’m sure. It is a path that I will certainly do again and that I recommend to everyone.
    Cristian Gallo
  • Hi everyone! My name is Oscar and I have just concluded the event with Elisa and Luka. Why did I want to participate? Simply because I wanted to meet Elisa and Luka and I was pleased. And also because I wanted to know this method here. This particular method that was truly unique. I had a series of intuitions, one after the other, in a chain. Virtually no end! I was bombarded with insights. And I really understood them, the greatness of life. It is truly absurd. I highly recommend it to everyone, because in any case it is, it is not the first time that I have approached personal and spiritual growth. But it is the first time that such a thing has happened to me. In my opinion, this experience is worthwhile, it certainly enriches you. Thank you all. I salute you Bye!
    Oscar Rella

Here's what I suggest you do now

Here's what I suggest you do now

What does it mean, in simple words, to meet YOUR GURU? What does it mean to connect with the Soul? The heart? The Higher Self?


As you may know each of us has energy centers. They are called CHAKRAs (according to the Vedic culture - now widespread all over the world).


The Soul is said to reside in the Heart. In reality the Soul is everywhere.

However this simplification helps to understand how things work.

Now. Let me give you an example.

Imagine you are on the phone with GOD (your Soul). But you are at the San Siro Stadium during the World Cup final.

Italy is about to score a goal.

The stadium is in a frenzy.

There's a crazy mess out there and you can't hear the voice of GOD.

Good. This is the situation in which most people live.

You are in touch with your Soul always.

However. Chances are he can't hear his voice because of the noise outside.

What does the stadium noise symbolize in the earlier story?

Simple. Confusion in your mind. And the voices of the people around you (television, bad news, limiting beliefs, etc.).


In order to be able to hear the voice of the Soul, therefore, what must be done?

Two things.

ONE. Turn down the noise of the mind (and get away from the clutter of the outside world).

TWO. Increase the heart's "hearing" ability (unblock the heart chakra) and amplify your intuition ability (unblock the third eye chakra - pineal gland).

How are these things done?

Simple. There are different techniques which are used in various regions of the world.

The most effective are those that come from the Vedic (Indian) ancestral knowledge. Those of the tribal cultures of Africa. And those of the shamanic world of the Amazon.

Should I ask you a question at this point?

What would you do to learn to ski?

Would you like to learn from an online course? Or do you think it is better to go to a ski instructor on the snow fields?

There are no doubts. True?

There are some things you only learn by "getting your hands dirty". You can study all the texts in the world, but the best way to learn is by DOING.

For this. If you feel ready to have this experience, set up a consultation with one of our staff and we will help you find the best solution for your needs.

Moreover. Looking forward to meeting you live on the "battle" field, you can ask the guys on the team if they can show you the most suitable online course to solve your problem.

The courses are free and are our contribution to the world to help as many people live with more peace, joy and freedom.

At this point. Fill out the form below carefully and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to help you solve your problem.

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Book your consultation
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